More paintings

More paintings


Painting flowers gives me freedom and lots of energy.

I  like wild flowers and not  a bouquet of flowers in a vase.  All the colors, its Divine to me. Ingenious how it all fits together. And the whole process from one seed to a button to a blossoming flower. A beautiful metaphor for myself!

The influence of flowers on me is sometimes bizarre. Those big colorful flowers when opened they spread a strong smell that makes me sick, Or that time that we accidently drove past the gardens of Monet, haha.  In that garden they had beautiful dahlias. Enormous. I haven’t seen them that big in a all the various colors. It hit me without me noticing it!! But once back on the campingsite I felt it raging and storming inside me.

And now I am painting FLOWERS!!

Funny enough, they give me also structure and still every painting is a new encounter on canvas, in not being engaged in thinking!!


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